New Shopify Merchants Offering Crypto-Back Rewards

New Shopify Merchants Offering Crypto-Back Rewards

Holiday season is closely approaching! Get ahead of your gift shopping before the mayhem and find the latest deals and promotions that will help you save a little extra this holiday. From booze, health and wellness products and jewelry, check out these latest retailers offering crypto and cashback rewards promotions with Peopletail.

Talk crypto over a can of cold beer

Love chatting crypto and drinking beer? Get your favourite beers delivered to you this holiday with OFFY and earn crypto while you’re at it. OFFY Drinks Delivered doesn’t only promote the best local breweries in the UK, but also the unique potential crypto can offer merchants and retailers. Through their token asset, $OFFY, shoppers can get access to exclusive rewards and benefits, like event invitations, brewery tours and airdrops.

Support this unique beer store and token project by sharing it with your friends and get 10% back in crypto and cash!

Nutrient-rich shampoo bars your hair will love

Stop guessing what ingredients are in your hair products. Upfront Cosmetics gets rid of all the added chemicals you don’t need and tells you exactly what’s in your products. Their signature shampoo bars contain only 1% preservatives and a whole lot of nutrients and protein to make your hair shiny and soft.

Shop their collection of natural shampoo and conditioner bars to nurture, hydrate or reinvigorate your hair and earn 20% back in crypto or cash on every purchase!

The perfect gift to charm your loved ones

This holiday, gift someone special or treat yourself with a beautiful charm bracelet by Athena Charms. Customize the bracelet any way you want with a collection of unique charms for every occasion. Athena Charm’s high-quality charm bracelets come in sterling and jade material to last in time.

Start building the perfect charm bracelet, made just for you or your loved ones, and earn 15% back in crypto or cash on every purchase!

End the year with good habits and self-care

It’s never too late to build those good habits and practice healthy self-care. Nourish your body with Niyama Wellness’ collection of supplements and wellness products that support your overall well-being. From better sleep, better workouts and better immunity, all Niyama products are vegan, non-GMO and made in Canada.

Treat yourself or a friend with the best supplements that build a healthier and happier life and earn 10% back in crypto or cash on every purchase.

Download the Peopletail app and start earning crypto or cashback for shopping at your favourite retailers.

Want to offer crypto and cashback rewards for your Shopify store? Download the Peopletail app for Shopify merchants and start rewarding your best customers.

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