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Bass Brushes

Bio-Flex Leaf - Assorted Colours

Bio-Flex Leaf - Assorted Colours

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  • Flexible nylon pins effectively detangle while minimizing pull
  • Patented handle made from plant material
  • Used and recommended by professional stylists all over the world

The BIO-FLEX | Detangling Hair Brush | Flexible Nylon Pins | Patented Compressed Plant Fiber Handle | Leaf Shape | Green, Pink, Teal or Lavender Finish

  • Our patented new BIO-FLEX is an incredible break-through with a handle made from 100% plant starch! With a unique fluid design and flexible pins, the BIO-FLEX is perfect for wet or dry detangling, to prepare the hair for styling, or just a quick tune-up. It pairs beautifully with other Bass Brushes.It's durable and will function optimally for years, but when it's finally discarded, the handle organically breaks down to create a natural fertilizer.

Plant Starches, Nylon

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