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Collagen Booster - Watermelon

Collagen Booster - Watermelon

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  • No Added Sugars / Sweeteners

Help your body to restore your skin’s hydration and youthfulness all while helping to build lean muscle, burn fat, alleviate joint pain and maintain bone health. Botany is the vegan collagen product booster of your dreams. Enjoy a vegan-friendly, high-quality protein source that's easy to digest and integrate into your daily rituals. A unique, vegan-friendly blend of amino acids, which helps the body produce more collagen by supporting our natural collagen synthesis process. Benefits of increased collagen production include stronger hair, nails and reduction of fine lines as well as healthy joints.

  • To provide a source of non-essential amino acids. To help in collagen formation. Assists in building lean muscle when combined with regular training and a healthy diet. Source of branded-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
  • Vegetarian

Medicinal ingredients - Amino acetic acid (seed), L-lsollecucine (seed), L-Leucine (seed), L-Lysine, L-Proline (seed), L-Valine (seed).

Non Medicinal Ingredients - Watermelon, Citric Acid, Stevia Extract, salt

Recommended Use

Mix product well in 1-2 cups of liquid (water, juice, etc) immediately before consumption.

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