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New Nordic

Cran Berry Gummies

Cran Berry Gummies

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  • Millions of people take cranberry extracts daily to improve their health and to fight infections, not least urinary tract infections. Usually they have to take a tablet to get the recommended 300 mg of cranberry extract, but now there is a tastier way. New Nordic's Cran Berry™ Vegan Gummies offer a new spin on this popular ingredient. You can get 300 mg from eating two delicious, sour cherry flavoured, vegan gummies. The sour cherry not only adds flavor to this cranberry gummy but also adds to the effects of cranberries.
  • Helps prevent urinary tract infections 
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help prevent (recurrent) urinary tract infections. Provides antioxidants.


  • PER GUMMY Cranberry extract (Vaccinium macrocarpan L.) (Fruit) [15:1] ...150 mg Sour cherry extract (Prunus cerasus L. fruit) [5:1] ...60 mg

Recommended Dose

  • Adults: Take 2-3 gummies per day. Duration: Use for a minimumof 4 weeks.
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