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Dishwasher Tablets (70)

Dishwasher Tablets (70)

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  • ECOLOGO® certified and formulated with high performance plant-based cleaning agents, these seventy eco-doses effectively remove grease, smells and stubborn food residues on dirty dishes.
  • Remove grease and residue easily for sparkling dishes • Water soluble and biodegradable. • Phosphate free • Contain plant-derived cleaning agents and renewable raw materials. • ECOLOGO® certified: reduced environmental impact • PETA certified: no ingredients derived from animals or animal by- products


  • 5-15% oxygen-based bleaching agents (sodium percarbonate), <5% vegetable non-ionic surfactants, <5% enzymes. Contains also : Sodium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, glycerin.

Recommended Use

  • Use one pouch per load. Do not unwrap or puncture pouch. Handle with dry hands only. Keep box tightly sealed in a dry place.
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