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Dishwashing Liq. Baby Bottles FF 2L

Dishwashing Liq. Baby Bottles FF 2L

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  • ATTITUDEs efficient Dishwashing Liquid uses only worry-free, plant- and mineral-based hypoallergenic ingredients that are 100% safe for your family
  • ATTITUDE’s Nature + TechnologyTM Fragrance-free Baby Bottle & Dishwashing Liquid is designed to effectively remove milk residue, grease and odors on baby bottles and other accessories. Made with hypoallergenic and natural ingredients, this enhanced formula is crafted with saponin, a highly effective cleansing ingredient.


  • <5% anionic surfactants (coco-glucoside), <5% non-ionic surfactants (lauryl glucoside). Contains also : water, sodium chloride, sodium gluconate, sodium citrate, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract.

Recommended Dosage

  • ENG: Use 2 mL per liter of hot water, or approximately 15 mL for water in a standard sink. Not designed for automatic dishwashers. For stubborn stains, pump directly onto the surface and scrub. FR: tilisez 2 mL par litre d'eau chaude ou environ 15 mL d'eau dans un évier standard. Non conçu pour les lave-vaisselle automatiques.Pour les taches tenaces, pomper directement sur la surface et frotter.
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