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Flosspot Elegance Collection

Flosspot Elegance Collection

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  • Authentic and Certified Pure Silk Floss, Refillable, Reusable containers for life, Exclusive and Classic Presentation, Earth Friendly, All packaging eco friendly
  • zero waste Floss - finally! www

The FLOSSPOT ELEGANCE COLLECTION includes: 1 FLOSSPOT (117300), 1 FLOSSPOT Refill (117305), and 1 FLOSSPOT Stainless Steel Travel Case.

  • Replaces current plastic floss with a biodegradable option. Seems to remove plaque more efficiently - than plastic flosses which are designed to interrupt colonies of bacteria, which is fine...but decadent SILK seems to remove them. The natural fibres appear to attract plaque in a way petroleum products simply cannot. Resulting in a superior clean that can be immediately felt by the user.
  • Canadian
  • Organic
  • GMO Free

PURE USDA TESTED 100% BIO BASED SILK FLOSS Buy once, refill for life.

Recommended Use

Once per day up to 1 M of floss before going to bed if possible. Why then? To remove debris from all three meals, and to aid in not ingesting plaque and bacteria as we sleep. By removing plaque from the entrance to the body (mouth) developing plaque related diseases could be reduced? Stroke, Diabetes, Alzheimers are all plaque related. FYI

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