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Frankincense Rivae (Wild)

Frankincense Rivae (Wild)

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  • Wild Francincense Rivae essential oil is used in perfumery for its woody and spicy fragrance. When diffused in the air, its mild, pleasant, and relaxing scent promotes meditation.
  • In the days of Antiquity, incense was considered more valuable than gold and its trade made the fortunes of many kingdoms. This glorious past still makes incense a highly valued ingredient, especially in fine perfumery. In the Boswellia genus, over 20 types of African and Asian trees and shrubs produce the aromatic resin best known as incense or frankincense


  • Boswellia rivae (Syn: Olibanum/Oliban)

Recommended Use

  • Topical (Adults): Essential oils should be used only after being diluted in a carrier oil.
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