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Genius Kids and Teens

Genius Kids and Teens

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  • Exclusive formula providing omega-3s and other beneficial nutrients that help support learning, and are also necessary for the proper development of the nervous system during the growing years of children and teenagers.
  • Improves concentration


  • Medicinal: Wild Tuna oil (Thunnus Alalunga): 265 mg, Borage oil (Borago officinalis): 80 mg, Organic Flax seed. oil, cold press (Linum usitatissimum): 50 mg, Soy Lecithin (Glycine max,bean): 50.2 mg (Providing: Phosphatidyl choline: 4.5 mg), Vitamin E (d-alpha- tocopherol): 13.5 iu / 9.09 mg.
  • Non-medicinal: Gelatin, glycerin, vegetable starch, annatto extract, stevia leaf, natural orange flavour, purified water.
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