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ORGANIC Super Non-Applicator Tampons

ORGANIC Super Non-Applicator Tampons

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  • Natracare certified organic 100% cotton tampon are Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and do not contain any synthetic materials, such as rayon or polypropylene, or any chemical additives such as surfactants, fragrances, dyes, or lubricants. Choosing only fully certified organic cotton removes the risk of direct exposure to residues from chemical pesticides, fertilisers, defoliants and fungicides commonly used on conventionally grown cotton. Tampons En Coton Biologique Independent research, conducted at New York University Medical School, suggests that the use of 100% cotton tampons may reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome compared with tampons that contain rayon.

Certified organic 100% Cotton that are Totally Chlorine Free. Tampons are individually wrapped in recyclable polyethylene to protect them from moisture. Packed in recycled card boxes

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