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Happy Natural Products

Hand Sanitizer - Pharma Grade 80%

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  • A moisturizing sanitizer spray that is formulated to help keep the skin supple without drying
  • Made in small batches in Canada
  • 5% alcohol Moisturizing Unscented No colours or dyes added

Made with pharmaceutical or food grade ethanol. Kill germs, not your hands. Happy Hand Sanitizer 80% Spray is astonishingly moisturizing and formulated to help keep the skin soft and supple without the need for lotions and creams after application. Sensitive skin formulation. Alcohol-based. Unscented. Made in small batches in Canada.

  • Vegan

Denatured ethyl alcohol 80%*, Water, Natural Glycerol, Emolients (may contain Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Aloe Barbadensis) *pharmaceutical grade or food grade

Recommended Dosage

Rub thoroughly into hands for 30 seconds. Allow to dry.